Monday, February 11, 2008

Trash Talk

Saturday morning around 11 a.m. my daughter cleaned the trash out of the front yard. Are you doing construction at your house? New shingles perhaps? Oh-ho-ho-ho no, none of that. We live near south campus! If you too are lucky enough to live in this "close-to-everything" realestateoasis, you may know about the trash yard phenom that we "urban" dwellers deal with pretty much on a day-to-day basis.
Okay, remember...Saturday at 11, right? Here's what I picked up at noon on Monday. Can you see the ENTIRE MOVIE POSTER for 50 Cent's movie, "Get Rich, or Die Tryin'"? SCORE!
Sigh...And what's with the Homestyle Bakes? Keep in mind, our dumpsters are in the alley in back and this was all from the front yard. Nice.
Speaking of nice, Jessica found a picture on the Rivet Flickr page that proves I was there. I think the photographer caught my best side! Click HERE.


abby said...

I just keep picturing somebody tearing into a Homestyle Bakes box while they're walking home from school and tossing the box while they shove the un-baked pseudo-food stuffs into their face. That would be weird.

Alissa said...

Nice arse!

julie strasser said... surely CAN'T be 40......

SPOA said...

We picked up Nicholas/drums from a gig not too awful long ago just a block or so from you are and I think there were 1,000 beer bottles and cans to step over to get to the front door. ONE THOUSAND. And Lea adds "500 cigarette packs." In that tiny yard. I was like, dang, just WHO is going to pick up all this?