Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Post Here!

So, I'm "un-marrying" my last name and returning to my maiden name (which is Dorsey). Lot's of switcheroo-ing. I know you probably think it's a dumb name, but all of my new Etsy stuff and blog stuff will have this name: yaysockpuppet. I think it's a pretty cute name, and there's a small story behind it (which will be part of my first post on the new blog). Which brings me to the new blog. For the short term, you can still type in and it will go to the new blog, but when my domain name is up for its next payment, you'll just have to remember

BIG ASS SALE!!! So I really would like to NOT have to re-list EVERYTHING to my new Etsy store ( SOOOOO until Sunday I am offering 20% off of anything in the store. You will have to Etsy convo me if you're interested in an item, and I'll subtract the amount and relist it for you. OR just order it, and I can refund the percent off (and shipping for the locals) amount to your Paypal account.

Thanks, peeps!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

No More Chatter

Yes, the rumors are true. Yes, we are still friends. Yes, I want you to keep eating Rad Dog (baby daddy needs to support my kids).

No, I don't want to talk about it, but YES, you can buy me a drink or come over with a bottle of wine.

And yes, I plan to hire a pool boy.

As soon as I get the pool...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Go-Go, Alissa!!!

Here's the front and back of the little show card for my friend Alissa's (and a guy called Morris Jackson's) hugeass show at Lindsay Gallery. This is bigeffingdeal, and you should definitely plan to attend the reception as it will completely blow your mind!

What else is new? Well, I just added a link in the "friends" section in the sidebar over there for my friend (and co-worker), Stacie Sells. You should totally check out her videos. She can out avant garde the best of 'em!

What else... Hmmm... Here's a picture of my table with stuff that I'm making... baby qees for Rivet, and a few other toys just for the heck of it, and a finger puppet just for the heck of it. Unfortunately the "just for the heck of it" stuff rarely gets finished. Booooo! Hey, Dilda's in the background! Hi, Dilda!!! She's now joined by the Fruit of the Doom guy. OH YEAH!!! That's what I wanted to say... I have a bunch of new (old) stuff in my store left over from other shows. Maybe it's time to invest in a new piece of art???

Friday, February 26, 2010

So here's the thing...

...for the Touchy Feely show in case you can't make it. But I know you want to throw shit at it, so just GET THERE!

Something coming up...

My friend Stephanie is putting together a puppet show at Wholly Craft in September with me and the amazing Paul May and Kelson Barber. There will be PERFORMANCES!!! I hope to have my dummy finished by then. Oh, I need to order EYES!!! I kind of want to hand-sculpt the eyes, but I'm sort of leaning toward wanting them to be super-realistic meaning GLASS.

Also coming up...

The awesome Toy2R exhibit at Rivet which I will bug you about soon...

Oh, yeah! For those who didn't get to read it, HERE's the link to the Columbus Alive article. They didn't include my hard to see little hair clip by Sweet Stella in the outfit list, but I assure you... She's awesome! Thanks a ton Brittany and Jodi!!!

Also, go to my friend Alissa's opening at the Lindsay Gallery Friday, March the 12th at 6PM or DIE!!!

My brain is going to explode.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Touchy Feely Opening Reception on Saturday the 27th!

So this one sneaked right up on me!

Just when you think you're sort of approaching beginning to get caught up, BAM! You get the e-mail telling you that a piece you've only thought about in the shower is due on Sunday.

I laugh at you deadline! Not only have I an amazing selection of pre-sculpted face pieces ready to paint and stain, but I've already sewn and dyed the hair and cut all the fabric which is currently being dyed as well.

Basically, deadline... You can suck it!

Here's the particulars... Two days only! Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th. But you want to probably just go to the reception because they'll have food and stuff. That's on Saturday night from 6PM-10PM.

More about the show HERE!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Outline of F.Y.I.'s

I. Stuff This III Stuff Still Available!
A. 40 Pieces still for sale! Go HERE to see the awesomeness!
B. Many pieces are discounted from their original show price (including mine)!

II. Haiku show will be installed on Tuesday (my birthday)!
A. Come eat at Haiku in February, and see some creepy little drawings on their wall.
B. All items available for purchase (hint...).

III. Check out this birthday duo from Alissa!
A. The baby has a wind-up in the back that makes the head slowly spin around. Oh, I can't wait to get to work with this baby! I think everything I make in 2010 will be just for ME, lol! The amazing ring (which is a LOCKET!) is from Alissa too.
B. Alissa is awesome and knows me so well!

IV. I'm gonna be writing for the Ohio branch of a national mom's blog (click the purple little box to go there).
A. I'm so excited to get started. Back in the day I used to looooooove writing about "the shit" of parenting.
B. I think my first post will be about my biggest phobia in the universe, lice.

V. Also this week!
A. My little thing in the "What are you wearing?" column in the Columbus Alive comes out this Thursday (I think).
B. I will link the article and all the makers of the wearables later this week.