Saturday, April 5, 2008

Everything's Coming up Labbits!

So stoked. Just turned in my Labbit today for the show next month at Rivet. I can't show the whole thing until the show opens, but here's a "teaser". Three dimensions, I think you and I will be spending some time together for a while. So FUN! And a "thank you" goes out to Ashley for talking me through the customizing process. I don't think I would have had the guts to stick that whole thing in my oven without his reassurance. Can't wait to show you the whole Labbit at gallery hop in May! You'll come, won't you???


Alissa said...

Okay. If you want me to. I can't wait to see the labbit!

What's a labbit?

Sharon H. Bell said...

Click on the "Down the Bunny Hole" link in the SOME DATES section. It has a picture of the (sort of) blank labbit (designed by Frank Kozik) that everyone started with.
And your attendance is non-negotiable!