Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's a little pic from the CowTipping show (Notice Coreroc's brand new tank top. This is called his "dress-up" tank). It was pretty fun. I didn't think I'd be that nervous, but as soon as a lot of people showed up, I was a basket case, vomiting an endless supply of total BABBLE. Why can't I just SHUUUUUT UPPPPP??? To one very nice man who I had just met, I pointed out all of the flaws in my artwork. Smooooooth! I'm now pretty certain that for every point of elevation of my pulse I lose about 10 I.Q. points.

My friend Julie came this weekend. I luuuurrrv her. And I got to see Amy and her baby too, that was very cool.

ANYway...Here's what's next (I'm soooo excited!). Some friends and I are going to make masks together to donate to Artsafe's silent auction (and get free passes to a swanky event!). Ya wanna join us for mask making frivolity??? It will be FUN!!!


Alissa said...

I didn't notice any babbling. ?

Did you sell ALL your pieces? :)

Sharon H. Bell said...

Nope, just 3. Everybody sold stuff, so it was a pretty successful show fund raising-wise. So YAY on that.
I can't WAIT to trade with Eric!!!

j.m. said...

"just 3"?? psshhht!