Thursday, August 21, 2008

Por Vida!

I saw this event go up on the calendar the night I was at Junctionview for the CowBrow show. I saw it and I thought, "Of all of the shows I have every longed to be a part of, this is among the top of the list." After some serious Jedi Mind Trick, I got an invite, and now I'm super stoked and VERYEXTREMELY thankful. I'll do several "in process" posts of the piece for this show too since a couple of people have asked about the whole sculpture-y thang. But for now, mark your calendars!!!


abby said...

Hell yeah you got invited! No Jedi mind tricks there. I bet they were worried you were too good for them. Congrats!

mollie said...

Dude! Every show you've been in the past few months, I'm out of town. STOP IT!!!

Laura G said...

It just keeps getting better and better! I can NOT wait to see this piece!!!!!!!!!!!