Friday, August 8, 2008

Rad Dog! @ Pattycake Tomorrow!!!

Man!!! I think this whole thing is really going to work after all. Tawd's had a really great week. I'm pretty stoked. We really want to have a vegetarian greasy spoon some day, and I feel like this is all a part of the MASTA PLAN! We've always said that we want the some-day-restaurant to be called "Good Grease", but today, I was thinking about the movie Bachelor Party and the idea "A Footlong, and Then Some" came to mind. It was quickly shot down. My dream is to have a restaurant in a fabulous location that we could live above. That would be AMAAAAAAZING.
Anyway, tomorrow @ Pattycake for lunch. It was super fun last time, and I think we have a system down now to get the line going a little quicker.
I'm also ordering a hot dog costume! It won't be here for a while though, but I'm pretty excited!


TakeWrning said...

Your piece looked great at the fair and congrats on the sell (although I think you should have prices it higher...)

julie strasser said...

YES! i would eat there. when i'm in columbus that is.

Laura G said...

UHM...I can't wait to see you in a weiner costume!!