Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a small update...

The lake of negativity. Do you ever feel like you can't quite make it to the shore?
I had the most amazing time with friends at Tiny Canary this weekend. I think I would be a big puddle of ooze if I did not have such wonderful people surrounding me. The weekend was dealt a horrifying blow however by the heartless cop who gave me a $140 speeding ticket (I was going 38 miles/hr. on Neil Ave. following traffic going the exact same speed). I hope that I soured his day slightly by hysterically yelling, "You're HURTING my family!", and "YOU! ARE! EVIL!". Okay, I'm not so proud of that, but I just thought he should know.
I'm going to be a part of the Stuff This! show at Rivet this coming month/gallery hop. I swear. I know I'm not on the website for the show yet, but I'm no crasher. You should come though. There's some superamazing people involved. Tawd will be out front with his wieners too!
I also put a shirt design up on skreened.com. It's on the side bar. Rad Dog! shirts are available too. It's super easy to make a "store". You should totally do it.
And I know the election is behind us, but man! I had such a hard time with post-election dialogue. I think I found something that mostly sums up how I feel. Read it if you want, but I don't think I'm ready for any more talkings for now.


Amanda said...

Oh Sharon! I'm SO sorry about the speeding ticket!!! :( I hate tickets...I've had my share unfortunately.

i had a good time at tiny canary too! And I LOVE your little shirt on skreened!

Amen to the politics sentiment! I'm right with you there!

jenny mae. said...