Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Alissa met me at the studio today to photograph my doll for Stuff This! Alissa's AWESOME!!! Here's a tiny detail shot.

To see the whole thing PLEEEEEEEEEASE stop by the opening this Saturday @ Rivet (and if you're hungry, Rad Dog! will be out front!). And when you're finished there, you can swing by Roy to see another new piece! I had Mr. Brouillette show me how to do that resin-y thing to it (even though resin coated paintings are soooo "yesterday"). But I HAD to make sure nothing else fell out the guy's head (the guy in the painting's head, not Adam's). You'll just have to see it to understand what I mean.

So much going on for this round of gallery hop. Stop by What the Rock?! to see Amy Neiwirth's (a.k.a. Sweet Stella) trunk show. She makes super-cute jewelry. And along with Roy G Biv, The Ohio Art League will also be hosting a large member's show. Tons to see at those two places! And if you're at Haiku in December, Adam (see link above) will be having his work on display to entertain you while you dine. I'm sure there's tons more to do/see on Saturday... OH YEAH!!! From 8 until 5 North Market will be having their Craft Extravaganza. My BFF Laura Garcia, among many others will have awesome stuff available for your local gift purchasing needs.
I think that's it for now...
I'll be posting a list e-mail soon with a contest to win a pack of holiday cards. Stay tuned...

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