Friday, January 2, 2009


I just made my first ever ebay listing. It kind of sucks a little after reading back over it. Have you guys ever sold anything on ebay? I feel a little out of my element. I also couldn't figure out how to do a "buy it now" deal. Oh, well. it's all an experiment, I suppose.


Alissa said...

COVET! Me want want want.

Rachel said...

Adorable doll!

Ebay is one of our retail channels and we have 4 years / almost 2000 pos. feedbacks.

One suggestion I have for future listings is to reiterate your payment/shipping/return policies within the listing.

You may also want to consider offering international shipment. About half of our ebay auctions go to international buyers - you will get a far greater audience if you are willing to deal with international shipping. (I can also offer pointers on that if you need them.)

Good luck - I'm watching your auction with my ebay account and hope it goes really well.