Thursday, February 19, 2009

What To Do With a Dead Baby (Doll)

Hear ye, hear ye one and all,
I wish to relieve you of your doll.
Marker covered, hair roughly shorn,
I wish to make them be reborn.
Any kind or condition will do,
Even those which are covered in goo!

So all that to say, do you have a pile of dolls that you don't know what to do with? You're not even sure that the charities will take them? Please give them to me! I will pay you 2 bucks per doll, even if they're gross!

Are you an art student who wants someone kind of weird to look at your artwork and give you tips and pointers and assignments? Are you willing to exchange subjective knowledge for an hour of work each week "disassembling" and primer-ing dolls (I'll make you lunch too!)? Boy, I could use some help!

HERE'S a link to a little blurb about the I heART show last weekend. It was soooo fun!

Save this date: March 28th. Why? Because you're going to go to Chop Chop to see a group show! More info to come...


Alissa said...

I still have clown parts for you. No charge.

Greg said...

Sharon -

an hour each week for free food??? subjective knowledge?! sure!!! count me in.


Sharon H. Bell said...

Dude, you would far outweigh me in subjective knowledge, but let me know if you're serious.