Monday, March 16, 2009

The Odd Booty

So, you know how we used to screen print baby clothes? Well, SOMEone decided that he'd rather sell veggie wieners, so now we have a heap of equipment in the basement and a bunch of odd sizes left of some of the Dirty Booty designs. Will we make more? Not in the near future, but eventually maybe. ANYwho, all DB shirts are marked down from their original prices and are in my store. We just sold one to a nice lady in the UK!

And here's another annoying reminder (in case you don't feel like scrolling down to the VERY NEXT post.

FEATURED DARKLING! Since we're on the subject of pirate-y things, check out THIS brooch/pendant from LushPUNK. She makes SUPER-CUTE jewelry and she's from Australia. Crikey!


Alissa said...

Does she throw shrimp on the baaarrrrrrby?

I slay me.

Sharon H. Bell said...

I know, right!? Sorry if you read this, Eden, we Americans can't help ourselves. Blame some of it on Steve Irwin.