Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grave Digging for Fun and Profit!

I know I always mention Etsy's Dark Side Street Team, but I do adore these people. They let me join even though my store's... well, I'm not really sure WHAT it is.
ANYway, so I log into the forum to see what's new, and I see that there's a CONTEST! And all of a sudden, the frenzy takes over... I could WIN! It's a game that requires no INTELLECTUAL SKILLS! I control my DESTINY! The game required you to sort through the stores of 25 members. Here's the list of stores:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Then you had to click on each item in each of the stores to find the image above hidden in their listing . Sounds easy right? It's just clicking. Well, some of these prolific persons have well over 100 items in their stores. And OH YES! After over 45 minutes of clicking the small voice in my head was saying, "Sharon, you don't HAVE to finish this contest, you don't HAVE to win, ...uh, you really need to go pick up your husband." And just as I was indeed about to give up, I spotted it! I almost peed! I'd invested so much time and mousework that a well deserved maniacal laughter issued forth!
Sigh... I'm a winner... AND I got to see tons of amazing stuff!
Now I get to pick one of these amazing shops from which to receive a mystery prize:,,,,,,
I KNOW! That's a task far more difficult than actually finding the image! So I'm leaving that one up to my daughters.
HUUUUUUGE thanks goes out to AgonysDecay for putting this contest together. I can't even imagine the time that went into planning it. Please check out her store. Her stuff rules, and she has SCENTED BRAIN SOAPS!
Oh, geez, it's almost midnight, and I have a crazy day tomorrow. Good night!


Karen said...


Willow Forrestall said...

LOL Congrats!

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

YAY! Your perseverance paid off. Post a pic of what you won!

Kate said...

Cool! Can't wait to see what you've won!

AmyD said...

oh awesome! so great to have some return on your time investment! that never happens!!!!

Hexotica said...

You're one dedicated girl!! :P