Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get ready for one of the most awesome things in Columbus!

And you thought I was going to say Agora. No, this post is about ANOTHER awesome thing, and I want to give you lots of time to prepare because you're totally coming with me this year! Go HERE for my post about last year's Zombie Walk.

The following article was written by Alexandra Kelley (re-posted with permission)

On June 6 nearly 300 zombies will stagger through the Short North in the third annual Zombie Walk Columbus. Founded by Columbus resident Kurt Chaney, the walk aims to raise half a ton of nonperishable food items for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

Alex: Why did you create Zombie Walk Columbus?

Kurt: In early 2007 I discovered, which helps people organize and spread the word about these types of events. I worked for a local haunted house and was a huge fan of horror themes but had never heard of a zombie walk. I did some research and learned that many zombie walks benefit various charities. We didn’t have such an event in Columbus and I wanted to give it a try.

Alex: What makes the Columbus zombie walk unique from all other zombie walks?

Kurt: We’re truly a sight to behold. Members of S.T.A.R.S. Columbus (inspired by the Resident Evil video game) end our zombie threat by “shooting” us down and containing the infection, so to speak. They come out dressed in black carrying their replica weapons and end our shenanigans when we return to Goodale Park. To innocent bystanders it looks like the undead are made dead. As far as I know, we’re the only zombie walk that ends in this kind of showdown.

Alex: What’s the biggest misconception about zombie walks?

Kurt: That you have to pre-register, sign up, or somehow join our group before the walk. No one has to jump through any hoops. If you show up at the park on June 6 at five o’clock in some form of zombie attire, you’re in the walk. It’s that simple.

Alex: What tips do you have for first time zombie walkers?

Kurt: Theatrical blood will, I repeat, WILL stain your clothes.

Alex: What do you hope to see out of future Columbus zombie walks?

Kurt: I’d like to have more local organizations promote themselves at our event — in zombie form, of course.

Alex: What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson’s Thriller video?

Kurt: I love it! One of my most vivid childhood memories is watching Thriller from underneath the loosely woven safety of an afghan blanket and hearing my mom say “It’s only makeup, honey.” As jaded as I am when it comes to scary movies, that one still gives me the creeps.

The walk will begin and end in Goodale Park. Zombies and non-zombies are encouraged to donate nonperishable food items at the park’s southeast entrance on June 6. Visit for more information.

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Alissa said...

Hey, that's the same day as the Powell 5K! So maybe I could run that and then zombiefy myself and be a zombie 5K runner! I SOOOOOOO want to do this!