Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gobs of Crap

I just put a batch of stuff in the store. I hardly ever do that, but I've been drawing little pictures lately in an attempt to keep my sanity. Man, I really have no idea how to get them to look on-line like they do in real life. But you can get an idea anyway. There's four new ones so far.
Did you hear A.F.I. is coming to the Newport? And there's TWO DAYS of advance ticket sales before they sell them to the general public (me). My chances might be slim (there's only 8 shows booked so far for their whole U.S. tour), but I am obsessed with getting tickets. Last time I was able to get tickets after the show sold out, so I'm hopeful.
And you don't care.
I just realized my slide show is due tomorrow. DOH! And of course my kids NEEEEEEED to get on the computer.
O.k., what I'm actually going to do is watch a Netflix movie, and put it off until tomorrow morning.
Did you know I miss you?


Alissa said...


TakeWrning said...

Is it fanclub presale? Ask around on facebook for the code. Did that the other day, and within minutes someone sent the fan club club presale code for Leonard Cohen tix. 2 scored early. woot!

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

What a cute little pumpkin thingie! Go Sharon!!!! Get those AFI tix-- by whatever means possible (well, that's up to you to decide)