Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Resurrection of a Forgotten Child

Hey, if you want, you can come see me give a little presentation for Pecha Kucha next month (the date's over on the left there). I'll be talking about the process of taking a discarded toy and making it into something useful. Resurrecting it.
The process of creating something meaningful from something forgotten is pretty heavy stuff for me usually... but I'm hoping to make the presentation funny. So I don't look like a freak and all.


Alissa said...

But you ARE a freak. That's why I love you. And why I'm going to heckle the hell out of you at the presentation. Kidding. Not.

That photo freaks me out a little.

Anonymous said...

I'm there!

Laura said...

OH, I will SOOO be there. Just picture me naked, then you'll feel more comfortable....or sick...either way, you'll be less nervous!! xo