Saturday, October 24, 2009

Days of Swine and Roses

O.k., you really just need to pick a week that you don't have much going on then just go have an infected cough on you with your mouth open. This whole thing's seriously a little like 28 Days Later or maybe I am Legend. With less zombies.

Day five. Still feel shitty, but less shitty than yesterday.

But I really want to go to my friend's birthday party. I just finished making this for her...

Get it? It's a Munny dressed up like a bunny.

I'll bug you more about it throughout the week, but PLEASE go to Por Vida! I will be celebrating my release from the plague-hold with much gusto!!! Come celebrate with me!!!

All this flu got me thinking of making some plague doctor masks... MAN, I love that image.


Alissa said...

please make some plague doctor masks. just finished my last tombstone rubbing for por vida. XO

Erina, said...

Thanks sharon, he rocks and I told you a bunch I know.