Monday, October 5, 2009

My Date With AFI

Simply magical. O.k., honestly it was a little awkward. What do you say to the objects of your fandom in five minutes in a tiny, cramped room? Yeah...

But we delivered our Pattycake offering (thank you, Pattycake!!! You RULE!!!), and they were grateful (sorry for the crappy pic of Nora handing Jade the package, my camera doesn't really do flash). We offered to treat them for lunch at the stand today too, but they will be on their way to Cincinnati. But they said that they totally knew about Rad Dog, so I was pretty stoked. Such nice boys.

The girls had a blast, and couldn't believe they actually got to meet the band. This was Nora's first Newport show, and she was pretty mesmerized the whole time. The people standing around us couldn't believe she knew most of the songs.

All-in-all, a pretty priceless evening, and I have Michelle, my boss, to thank for being the 10th caller. I owe you!


Alissa said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaw. You got to meet your idols!

Yeah, I'm always surprised how overwhelmed I feel in the presence of celebrities I admire. Okay, it was just that one time with the Ghost Hunters, but still. I totally choked.

One time, though, I met Red Skelton, and he was a sweet old coot.

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

Awesome!!!! I felt all giddy and excited & I'm not even a big AFI fan. And how cool is it that they already knew about Rad Dog?!

AmyD said...

you are the coolest mom ever. and you're hot too. and and and.....

julie s. said...

yeah. you are the coolest mom ever:).

i cut my bangs just like yours.

i wish i could see you again should come down in january/february for another birthday hangout girly day!