Friday, November 13, 2009

Geez Louise!

Oh, man, I'm getting old. All I did was work. It's just printing t-shirts. And I'm weary. And ache-y.

I really wanted to get some plush-making in tonight, but it will be a Netflix + tall boy kind of evening. We are so running out of streaming movies that I can watch with the kids. Any ideas? I thought about starting the Lost series because everyone practically poops themselves over that show. On Sunday I will be making my second attempt at a plush creature for Rivet. So far it's plush = 1, Sharon = 0. I'm hoping I have some divine intervention. And enough extra fabric.

Wieners... Tawd is taking his restauranting experience one day at a time. Some days he's discouraged, some days he's optimistic. I wish I was magical. It is seriously some of the best food I've ever eaten. I'm hoping everyone else catches on.

Art... I am at a place where I just wish I was better. Or different. Or "more". My stuff has been boring me. I like making toys though. I want to do that after all these shows are finished.

Studio slash bedroom... This place if effing scary. Here, I'll take a picture...

Everyone is in here all the time. And it's standing room only. And there's no clear horizontal surface. And the dog is in here FARTING 24/7!

O.k., enough ranting. Movie. Then I need to finish my Terry Pratchett book. I love you guys.


Mrs. Evils said...

I am so with you. I forgot to take my aleve this morning and I'm like a crippled old lady by the time I got home from work.
P.S...My dining room looks just like your flat surfaces even to put a coffee cup...hugs

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

Do something deliciously pampering for yourself to recharge & tap back into your fabulous firey spirit Sharon.

We just got done watching the "Arrested Development" tv series from Netflix & it was super hilarious. Probably pg-13 ish

abby said...

I second "Arrested Development" and I think "Lost" is a good idea, too. How about "The Office"? The British one and the other one?

P.S. I love your toys. And your arts. I hope your fire is lit again.

Anonymous said...

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