Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mini Meat

So I'm in the middle of making a "self portrait" doll for a show coming up. I'm sort of obsessing with this. I don't think it will turn out like what I have in my head, but it will have to do. What I really want to do is take my effigy out on the town and take pictures of her doing "bad girl things" then make stories and post them on Flickr then get famous, relatively speaking. I still don't have a good name for the doll. If you think of one, leave it in the comments for consideration. I like "Dilda" since she kind of looks like a big, pink... well, YOU know.

After I'm finished with these shows (listed on the left over there), I will begin to stock my store with dolls and toys, then make a new logo and everything (buh-bye Blog Life fists!). This is my 2010 goal, to just make things I like. Shows are nice, but it's hard to not have that "what will people want to buy" thing jumping up and down in the gross part of my brain. I want to avoid giving in to the gross part of my brain this year. And drink less. And exercise more. And start a band.


sarah b said...

i want to be in your band. if only i knew how to play something.

Alissa said...

I'll be in your band, too. I can really sing. I mean it! Really! I also play really bad fiddle.

I can't wait to see what Dilda does first. Where's her mouth? How can she do anything bad without a mouth?

Sharon H. Bell said...

I didn't like her old one, so I made a new one today. It's still drying. you can sort of see it to her right on the table.
We'll have to set up a practice schedule when our shows are over!!!

my house party said...

you look tired Dilda. Did you lose your leg?

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ingrownmayo said...

What about Baron Shell?

Anonymous said...

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