Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Outline of F.Y.I.'s

I. Stuff This III Stuff Still Available!
A. 40 Pieces still for sale! Go HERE to see the awesomeness!
B. Many pieces are discounted from their original show price (including mine)!

II. Haiku show will be installed on Tuesday (my birthday)!
A. Come eat at Haiku in February, and see some creepy little drawings on their wall.
B. All items available for purchase (hint...).

III. Check out this birthday duo from Alissa!
A. The baby has a wind-up in the back that makes the head slowly spin around. Oh, I can't wait to get to work with this baby! I think everything I make in 2010 will be just for ME, lol! The amazing ring (which is a LOCKET!) is from Alissa too.
B. Alissa is awesome and knows me so well!

IV. I'm gonna be writing for the Ohio branch of a national mom's blog (click the purple little box to go there).
A. I'm so excited to get started. Back in the day I used to looooooove writing about "the shit" of parenting.
B. I think my first post will be about my biggest phobia in the universe, lice.

V. Also this week!
A. My little thing in the "What are you wearing?" column in the Columbus Alive comes out this Thursday (I think).
B. I will link the article and all the makers of the wearables later this week.


Alissa said...


My captcha is "dissed."

abby said...

Love those gifts!

Happy early birthday, just in case Facebook doesn't remind me. ;)

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

...and it's a locket no less! Coolness

Anonymous said...

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