Friday, January 18, 2008

All the Old Stuff...

I'm going to post my news and ramblings here, on Blogger. The following is everything up to now on the "News" page on my website which will soon be deleted. Most of the links have been lost in the transfer. Sorry 'bout that. New post coming soon...

November 20, 2007: A few things...This is the last week for the Stuff This! show so if you haven't seen it live, totally try to stop by. Rivet's got some awesome new toys in stock too so you get double treats to browse.

TIny Canary was exhausting but amazing. Aside from the great sales, it was just so wonderful to have two days to hang out with such awesome people. We met a new BFF from Cincinnati, Wendy from Orange Willow. Totally check out her stuff!!! I admire her. I wish she would move to Columbus, The Indie Art Capital of the World, but she has her sights on Chicago. Sniff.

I got invited to do a Labbit show. More details on that as I get them, but this is a dream of mine coming true!

November 8, 2007: How's everybody doing? Yeah, I'm cold too. BUT it was a HOT night at Rivet last Saturday as the gallery filled with plushie mayhem (dig that cheesy segue?). If you couldn't make it, just click here to see pictures from the opening gala. You can also click here to see pictures of all the pieces with a short blurb about each artist. We had a ton of fun, and big thanks go out to Laura and Scott for letting Nora Bell (of PATCHES by Nora) exhibit in this awesome show. And CONGRATULATIONS to Nora for procuring her first gallery sale to a fancy out-of-town art collector!

Please don't forget to SHOP TINY CANARY!!! The whole Burn and Bleed crew will be there for this two day event...surely you're not busy BOTH days!

October 12, 2007: TGIF! Another crazy week full of deadlines and whatnot. Nothing new. WAIT! Nothing new??? Well how about the newest inductee to the Burn and Bleed Media Collective??? A big welcome to PATCHES by Nora, a new little shop powered by a feisty little eight year old. We expect big things from this small girl.

And I hope you haven't forgotten about the Agora show tomorrow night...

October 1, 2007: Does anyone even read this? That's okay, it helps me mentally organize. So it's official, I will have one piece in the Agora show. You can see it here. And I submitted a title for the show in March at Sean Christopher Gallery. "Birth, Toil, Death, Rebirth". I guess that doesn't make for very upbeat subject matter, huh? But I'm thinking of having DRY ICE! Overkill probably, but DRY ICE!

Also, sometime next week, I'll be adding hats to my store. Why hats? Because when I'm not drawing, I'm crocheting! These will be black with fuzzy white accents and cat ears with a screen printed cat skeleton face that I designed patched on the front. COOL! For the Stuff This! show, I'll be making a little dead cat doll with it's own mini hat. CUTE!

September 21, 2007: BUSY! Craftin' Outlaws was a blast. By the end of the day I thought we all could be scooped up with a spoon though. It was a grueling week prior to the event with preparations and deadlines. Apparently, my husband agreed to sign up for Tiny Canary with Jessica (Sparrow Design Works) even though I swore to never do another craft fair ever again. Good for them!

And it's official. I'm going to do a t-shirt design for the most amazing singer-songwriter alive, Kim Taylor! If you haven't bought any of her music offerings yet, what the heck are you waiting for???

September 9, 2007: Because I just don't want to feel left out...I'm gonna try to get a piece finished in time for this event! Will you be there too?

September 4, 2007: You might ask, "What's next, Sharon?". Lots, actually. Craftin' Outlaws is first up. I'm not sure what I'll have there art-wise, but the Burn and Bleed crew will be there vending our wares on September 15th at Skully's. Only a festering boil would miss THAT event. Then two things in November...One, I'll be taking all the left-overs from the last 4-5 shows and displaying them at my friends coffee shop, Brewtopia in Cincinnati. I'll be pricing pieces in the "get rid of it!" range, so if you want dibs on anything, contact me soon...Two, I'll be contributing two plushies for the Stuff This! show at Rivet. That will be a fluffy blast! And way down the road in March, I will be having a solo show at Sean Christopher Gallery, then for April and May that exhibit will be moved to the Queen Bee Restaurant downtown. And on the illustration front, I'm 90% sure that I'll be doing a daily comic for a website that is all about DOGS! Barktacular! I'll post more about that as I learn more. BUSY!

OH YEAH...And if you're interested, there's pictures up from the opening now on the Rivet website. Click here.

September 3, 2007: The hugely talented Jessica McCoskey of Sparrow Design Works (one-fourth of Burn and Bleed Media Collective) will have one of her creations, an uber-cute vampire tissue holder, featured in the "Marketplace" section of the Halloween edition of Make magazine. The magazine should hit stores tomorrow. Buy a vampire tissue holder before it sucks your blood and claims you for the undead! And while you're there, check out the zombie and the brand new bat!

August 28, 2007: A little stressed...Why does everything have to happen all at once? It's back to school, apply for a grant, have an art opening season around here. And do you even care that I have one home schooled child and one who we're not sure what to do with? But that's not really news...SO, if you come to the reception, I'll have little one inch buttons to hand out to anyone who asks. ALSO, apparently there will be a podcast interview on Thursday which will I'll link when I know more. AND, I might have another show in the works...I'll keep you posted!

August 15, 2007: Just a head's up! I'll be having a show with the wonderful Trevor Zammit at Rivet for the month of September. The show opens during gallery hop on September 1st from 6-10. Please come!!!

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