Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm so mad! Wouldn't you assume if you called the school on two separate occasions to tell them your daughter was in the hospital and that she wouldn't be in school all week that they might mention that to her TEACHER? She had NO IDEA where Nora was last week. Of course, she didn't call me either.
At least no one called Children's Services...


Alissa said...

I'm liking your pussy-hat profile pic. (giggle)

Amy said...

That's ok, I had several students who left mid-year to attend other schools, and no one told me. I only have most classes once a week for art, so people tend to forget that I should probably be informed.
One day I asked "Has anyone seen _____? He hasn't been to art in a while."
A kid answered "Oh, he goes to Bexley now."
Lovely. Yay for communication.