Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beer and Taxes

Dogs can be a handful, but sometimes they do the funniest stuff. Like as soon as I sit on the floor to put my shoes on, my dog is RIGHT THERE. He wonders if, since I'm already down there, I would perhaps like to scratch his belly. He's not overly obnoxious about it though. He kinda says with body language, "Hey, in case you have a minute, I'm gonna slowly roll over and show you my belly. If you decide it's not too much trouble to give it a few scratches, then that'd be pretty cool".).
That was actually a tangent. I meant to talk about beer and how to write off the expense on your taxes. It came to me while reading the contest rules for the PBR contest. I'm actually thinking of entering a sculpture, and I came to the part about how sculpture entries must be made from aluminum PBR cans. Hmmm...Beer cans as art supplies. That's totally tax deductible. Except you're left with the issue of how to dispose of the contents of the can to get at your building materials. I believe I have THAT part covered.


Alissa said...

Let me know if you need any help with that. You've got potluck contributions covered!

Hey, could you change my link to either alissasorenson.blogspot.com or www.xanga.com/alissasorenson? Creatrix Jane is AWOL.

miz fuhrell said...

Any time you need assistance with the consumption of PBR, just let me know :)