Friday, March 14, 2008

Holy Crap!

My family should win an award for "most time spent in hospitals/doctor's offices". I won't go into detail, but it just seems like we could be cut a break about NOW.
On the bright side...My bike is here! Riding it is probably as close to riding a broomstick as one can get. I daydream about riding it. I hope it stops raining today so I can take another spin. I will however miss "urban mountain biking" with my old bike: jumping up curbs, riding over potholes, cruising over the brick roads and alleys. When you ride a mountain bike in the city, you're always subconsciously looking for stuff to ride over. When you do that with a road bike IT HURTS.
On the art front...Not going to enter the PBR contest after all. #1. REALLY don't need a free year's worth of beer. #2. No time. #3. My sister (my accountant) is 99% sure that using beer as an art supply is not tax deductible. I AM very excited to get busy with my labbit though. A little nervous. I need to cut it up a bit which I've never done. If you've done this and want to talk me through it, that would be wonderful.
Oops, time to go pack a lunch and finish up homework.


Abby said...

I hope you get used to your new bike's capabilities soon and I hope a biking accident wasn't the cause of any recent health issues. Owie.

Sharon H. Bell said...

No, I WISH it was just a bike accident. My mom had a quadruple bypass last week (she had a heart attack during blizzard weekend), and my sister just found out she has epilepsy. I KNOW! But my mom's home now, and my sister just has to take medicine, so it appears everyone will be fine.