Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What have you been doing lately, Sharon? Well, I spent half a day yesterday making a blog on Word Press before I realized that I don't really like it any better. Apparently Blogger is not always spot on with the leaving of comments and the putting on of pictures, but it works o.k. for the leaving of posts, so here I will remain.
Didn't you do anything else yesterday? Oh, YEAH! I DID finish up two plushies that ARE NOW ON MY ETSY PAGE!!! Cute???


Dawn said...

Super super super cute!!!!!!

Alissa said...


Abby said...

Way more than cute. I especially love that you snapped a shot of one sitting on the toilet. You're so funny.

Karen said...

OH>MYGOD. Thet are SOOOO cute. How do you do that????

I mean it, man. You have the cute gene.