Sunday, April 20, 2008

Highs and Lows

Agora was super fun! I'm sure I said really stupid things to far too many people. Do you also struggle from worryingonyourwayhomeaboutallofthedumbthingsyousaiditis? Alissa took some really great photos if you'd like to see a small sampling of the evening.

I will catch up more later. I just heard some very sad news about an old friend, and my heart feels broken.

Hug your children and whisper, "thank you".


Alissa said...

I love you. (hug)

Rivet said...


haha, funny girl :)

Laura said...

worryingonyourwayhomeaboutallofthedumbthingsyousaiditis?...............CONSTANTLYand OBESSIVELY!!! :-D