Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weiner Man

I know a weiner man.
He owns a weiner stand.
He sells most anything from hot dogs on down.
One day I'll join his life.
I'll be his weiner wife.
Hot dog! I love that weiner man!

Coming this summer!


Alissa said...


kristina said...

seriously awesome.
aaron & i were cracking up last night.
i'm so excited for you guys pursuing this!!
rock on! :)

Laura said...

I LOVE IT!!! Does this make you a weiner woman?

mary moon designs said...

The song reminds me of camp when i was a kid.And a drunken night many,many years ago at Howl At The Moon.
It's a classic.

Karewood said...

My gf Theresa had a hotdog stand for a summer, you have to ask her about it when you see her at art class. I think it was like last summer?