Friday, January 16, 2009

Help Wanted: A Young Priest and an Old Priest

So who does one call to lift hexes these days? It was so easy back in the day when you just went down to the barber for a good head drilling or a bleeding.
Yes, I am that friend of yours that all the "crazy shit" happens too. Today I had to go take care the "outstanding warrant for my arrest" due to a traffic ticket payment that never made it to the feds. Really??? Of all of the outgoing mail we generate, the ONE piece that makes the difference between jail + an extra 100 bucks (roughly) DIDN'T MAKE IT TO IT'S DESTINATION??? And that's just the most recent example.
So anyway, back to the help wanted ad... I can pay in plush creatures or vegetarian hot dogs, or perhaps a real dog, if you prefer. All terms negotiable.

1 comment:

Alissa said...

Don't you have a voodoo priestess in your neighborhood? WAY more effective. Clean up the chicken blood while it's still fresh, though. It's a pain if you let it dry first.

Or, if you get Frankenfurter, let me know cuz I'm coming over!