Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've actually had some time to crochet. I loooooove to crochet. It quiets the voices in my head for a bit. "No it doesn't!" "Shut UP!"
ANYway, here's a few little guys for your oogling pleasure!!! You can click on their portraits on the right for a full description.


Alissa said...

I luuurrrrve them. I want to cram them into my pockets and run through the snow! Run! Run!

We should get our voices together for some ranting.

abby said...

I love them, too! Did you happen to crochet a ninja and sell it at Wholly Craft? Liberty fell in love with a crocheted ninja when we were there but she had no money. Once she got her money, it was gone. Sadness ensued and now she spends her days ogling the book Creepy Cute, with no desire to learn how to crochet, only a desire to buy some creepy cute crocheted items. *sigh* Woe is she. And if you crocheted a ninja, she would buy it from you for $12.

Sharon H. Bell said...

Hey, was is something by They make one awesome and affordable zombie!!!

Sharon H. Bell said...

OMG, you said ninja, not zombie. I guess I'm just hungry...brains???

ANYway, did you know the Creepy Cute Crochet lady has an Etsy store and HAS A NINJA!!! Her store is

Wendy said...

They're so cute-- I can't decide if I like Robert or Little Brown Bat better. They're both so lovable.

julie s. said...

they make my heart warm! and cozy.

Karen said...

Very Oogly :)

Happy Birthday Sharon H. Bell!

You're doing soooo much while you wait, so death ain't gonna be nuthin but a thang.

Enjoy your day and then the evening with your best gals

Warmest, K