Monday, August 24, 2009

Diggity Dang!

Things just got busier. And then they got even busier. And then I got double contract work. And then the top of my head popped off and my brain fell out and I died.
But seriously. I have to laugh. It's more like a maniacal cackle of sorts, but it's laughter just the same. And wouldn't it be great if I actually sold stuff?
O.k., this is quickly turning into a rant, and I think you were hoping for something funny.
Have you guys ever seen THIS? Holy crap, I could watch that effing video all damn day!!! As soon as all of our current pocket pets die (they go rather quickly here, unfortunately), I AM GETTING MY OWN GUINEA PIG! That's right. I'll tell the kids it's theirs, but I'll know who it really belongs to. They can name it whatever they want, but I'll have my own name for it. OMG! It is impossible to be sad around a guinea pig. Just look at this...


OHHHHHH, here's one wearing a hat!

It just makes tears come out!!!


Alissa said...

DANG that is SO CUTE! It makes me HAPPY!

If you are dead then you must be a zombie. Your dream come true!

Alissa said...

Wow, someone crocheted that sunny yellow bonnet for a guinea pig. That's love. I see a new line of products for the sharonhbell etsy shop.

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

Thanks for the laugh-- when you get your guinea pig, can I come watch it and giggle? Esp. if you dress it in a crocheted hat!

Kate8085 said...

hahaha. So cute.
I admit it, I am softie for any animal wearing clothes and accessories.

abby said...

That guinea pig would look even better in a Sharon Bell created hat. Just sayin.