Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Time My Bitch

I'm trying to do a whole lot of things in a very limited amount of time. I think I have it sort of under control. But now my husband is opening a new restaurant, and they need to be ready by the end of the month, so BAM, it just got super tense up in here. I'm trying to stay out of his cloud of crazy. At least he's got a new Rad Dog partner, and Abby is taking over the web-related stuff (thank GOD!). And I got to taste test the new kielbasa corn dog today. Daaaaaaaang! It'll all work out.

So, at the last minute I entered OAL's 100 Leagues Under the C, and I got in. This is what I entered (it's called "You Broke My Heart in 100 Minutes"). I'm on a drawing kick, so if you don't like it, then you can... well, you know. Anywho, HERE's a link to the info. The opening reception is Thursday. Are you going?


Alissa said...

Congrats! But, poop. I've been a bad enough parent this week. I'll see you tonight, instead, okay?

I like your drawings. I like you. When you're famous will you introduce me to Tim Burton?

Amy Phillips-Gary said...

Congrats! Kielbasa corn dog? Sounds so delish. I'd like to meet Johnny Depp so when you're famous & introducing Alissa to Tim Burton, have him intro me to Johnny (bc I'm sure they're buds)

Rachel said...

Goodness Sharon, that's beautiful! I want to tattoo it on my body while eating a keilbasa corn dog!