Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Post Here!

So, I'm "un-marrying" my last name and returning to my maiden name (which is Dorsey). Lot's of switcheroo-ing. I know you probably think it's a dumb name, but all of my new Etsy stuff and blog stuff will have this name: yaysockpuppet. I think it's a pretty cute name, and there's a small story behind it (which will be part of my first post on the new blog). Which brings me to the new blog. For the short term, you can still type in sharonhbell.com and it will go to the new blog, but when my domain name is up for its next payment, you'll just have to remember yaysockpuppet.blogspot.com.

BIG ASS SALE!!! So I really would like to NOT have to re-list EVERYTHING to my new Etsy store (yaysockpuppet.etsy.com) SOOOOO until Sunday I am offering 20% off of anything in the sharonhbell.etsy.com store. You will have to Etsy convo me if you're interested in an item, and I'll subtract the amount and relist it for you. OR just order it, and I can refund the percent off (and shipping for the locals) amount to your Paypal account.

Thanks, peeps!


Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

Are you legally changing your name back? Even though I love my husband I want to drop his name! It seems like a pain in the ass to do that, though, and I'm lazy. Ah the decisions of a modern woman.

Looking forward to the new blog and etsy store!

Sharon Dorsey said...

Hey, Rachel!!!
Don't know if you'll check back, but in Ohio you can easily change your name back at no cost as part of the divorce/dissolution proceedings. It's a bit more tricky if you're just changing your name back whilst still happily married, but if you're just changing back to your maiden name, it's easier than, say, changing your name to Rachel Hound!

Karen said...

Dorsey is a good name :).So is Yaysockpuppet.

I think reclaiming ones name is an important part of the transition. I reclaimed mine when I split from the one guy, and then even kept it for a long time after I married the current guy. Then, I hyphened for awhile, then got tired of doing that.

Ok, enough from me. I've been bothering you too much this week. I adore you. Keep the faith.
Later gator, K

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