Friday, March 5, 2010

Go-Go, Alissa!!!

Here's the front and back of the little show card for my friend Alissa's (and a guy called Morris Jackson's) hugeass show at Lindsay Gallery. This is bigeffingdeal, and you should definitely plan to attend the reception as it will completely blow your mind!

What else is new? Well, I just added a link in the "friends" section in the sidebar over there for my friend (and co-worker), Stacie Sells. You should totally check out her videos. She can out avant garde the best of 'em!

What else... Hmmm... Here's a picture of my table with stuff that I'm making... baby qees for Rivet, and a few other toys just for the heck of it, and a finger puppet just for the heck of it. Unfortunately the "just for the heck of it" stuff rarely gets finished. Booooo! Hey, Dilda's in the background! Hi, Dilda!!! She's now joined by the Fruit of the Doom guy. OH YEAH!!! That's what I wanted to say... I have a bunch of new (old) stuff in my store left over from other shows. Maybe it's time to invest in a new piece of art???


Alissa said...

Woah! Thanks, sweets! XO

Alissa said...


Erin said...

Hi, I found your blog through the landing place. My kids think your dolls are hysterical, and a bit creepy. :)

Sharon H. Bell said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Erin! I'm gonna take "hysterical, and a bit creepy" as a compliment!

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